New Concept Retail Outlet in E-Mart

New Concept Retail Outlet in e-Mart

22 September 2018

Today marks a remarkable day to our business partner, Secure Living solutions for having the first UNV concept store in e-Mart Mall. Security industry plays an important role since CCTV surveillance system us being more powerful in this era.

GHOME has contributed workforce and enforced branding activity to the concept store in order to fulfill the duty of the layout of the concept store. It is expect to gain more awareness of UNV. The location is chosen as it is known for electrical appliances and security system. Most end-user or dealers went there to purchase those products.

Congratulations to Secure Living Solutions for the grand opening and thank you to UNV and GHOME Electronics Sdn Bhd has been there to assist the progress of the concept store outlook and monitor the functionality of all the CCTVs. Each functions of the CCTV has been well describe at the bottom of the product for customer reference.

The attention of details of the network cameras are meant to replace the old analog camera which saves time and reduce the wastage of storage with the combination of Ultra265 and U-Code.